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IVG Presents UK and EU’s First TPD Compliant 2400 Puffs Disposable Bars

08 Jun 2023
IVG Presents UK and EU’s First TPD Compliant 2400 Puffs Disposable Bars

IVG is pleased to announce yet another ground-breaking achievement in the e-cigarette industry operating within UK and EU. Protected by issued patents and registered design, IVG presents their customers with the first TPD-compliant 2400 puffs disposable bars, that are crafted for people looking for a better and environmental-friendly substitute for cigarettes.

With due diligence and our customer-centered approach, we have accomplished many milestones in the journey of our brand since its inception. Our e-liquids are rated as the best UK e-liquids and have been awarded thrice in one of the longest-running vape award events, chosen by vapers all over the EU.

IVG Disposable Bars

Disposable vapes are our forte since we are categorized as the number one brand that people turn to when they are looking for sustainable and high-quality disposable bars. We strictly adhere to best practices and standards when it comes to product quality, safety precautions, and lab testing. We are all aware of the stigma that surrounds disposable vapes, but we believe as long as these bars are helping people quit smoking, they are serving their purpose. And in order to make this journey easier and safe for people, we provide our customers with premium quality disposable bars that combine best industry practices and the highest quality standards.

Answering Some of the Questions That Users May Have About Our 2400 Puff Disposable Bars

How Are These Products Legal?

As part of our commitment to sustainable and highly refined premium vape products, we have designed the UK’s first legal 2400 puff disposable bars that are compliant with TPD’s regulatory framework and protected by a variety of intellectual property rights. Our design meets all the requirements as proposed by TPD, therefore, after careful consideration and support, we have been granted the rights including issued patents under section 62 of the UK Patents Act 1977, to manufacture and sell our newest range of 2400 puffs disposable bars.

What Makes Them Cost-Effective and Environmental Friendly?

IVG 2400 puff bars yield 45% better value per puff when compared to other disposable vape bars. Each bar possesses 4 pods containing 2ml e-liquid, that can be easily switched just by revolving the bar. We acknowledge and respect TPD’s enforcement with respect to nicotine cap, hence these disposable vapes strictly contain 20mg (2%) nicotine in each pod.

But we are also mindful of the waste that’s created due to the lack of long-lasting, good-quality disposable vapes. Hence, not using do they reduce environmental waste due to more puffs and longer battery life, but also offer a cost-effective solution to users by offering them value of 4 disposable vapes in one bar.

How Are the 2400 IVG Bars Designed?

Design of IVG 2400 disposable bars

These bars pose a highly compelling value proposition to customers, as they integrate the functioning of both disposable vapes and pods. Each bar contains storage for extra cartridges in the layout. The bars possess a pod revolving system that lets users switch between pods, once they run out of e-liquid. They come in 26 different flavours, and 4 special multi-flavour options, so that users can have a wide range of flavours to choose from. They are light-weight and are fitted with patented ergonomic mouthpiece. Moreover, unlike other disposable vapes, IVG bars contain powerful 1500 mAh battery that streamlines the vaping experience, and is three times enduring than other vape batteries.

How to Use 2400 IVG Disposable Bars?

How to Use IVG 2400 disposable vape bars

IVG bars are thoughtfully designed to make vaping convenient and cost-effective for users. The bars work like other disposable vape devices, except they come with a pod revolving system, that lets you switch between pods. Users can easily remove the cap and insert all 4 pods and rotate the pod to match the arrows when they want to switch the pod. In order to rotate, you simply have to lift and twist the bar gently until the arrow matches with the pod number you want to vape.

Some Characteristics and Benefits of IVG 2400 Puffs Disposable Bars

The manufacturing and subsequent availability of this product represent a major breakthrough in the e-cigarette industry in the UK as well as the EU. Our aim is to ensure efficient delivery of nicotine, to those who need it, to defeat smoking, and advocate a better lifestyle for people. Our new disposable bars range encapsulates all those goals and symbolizes all the values that we stand for. Following are some general characteristics and benefits you should expect from our bars

  • Nation-wide legal availability of bigger and better disposable bars in-store and online
  • Reduction in cost and environmental waste
  • Available in all our top-selling pre-existing flavours
  • User-friendly design and sleek look
  • Contains 4 pods that can hold up to 2ml e-liquid
  • Larger battery size and longevity
  • Protected by Worldwide patent(s), EP patent(s), and UK registered design(s)
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