Vape Connoisseurs Wanted

IVG is building a ‘Testing Panel’ to make great products greater

It’s so obvious when you think about it! Too many companies in our industry make products in a bubble – development is an insular activity, and you only get to voice your opinion once it’s on sale. Up until now, we’ve been guilty of working that way too. The reality is, we make products for you, and we’d like them to be exactly what you want… so we think we should get you involved during our development process to make even better products together?

We’re looking to build a beta testing group of around 500 people. We’ll work on our products as we’ve always done. Get everything to the stage where we feel it is retail ready, then allow you to critique our products and see if we can make them better. Sometimes it will be bars, sometimes it will be e-liquids.

Who are we looking for?

First and foremost, you must be 18 years old or over. we’re looking for vapers and potentially, dual users. Please be honest in this regard – smoking affects your sense of taste so dual users will be welcome to test products designed for new vapers, but perhaps not be invited to test products for people who exclusively vape.

Next up, we need people whose language can connect to flavour. You don’t have to be Shakespeare, but we obviously need more than ‘I like that’ and ‘I don’t like that’. Being able to articulate what you don’t like, or what taste is out of place, is the only way we can potentially improve any product and user experience.

We’re also looking for people who regularly buy products from a whole range of brands. We love our IVG fans, but we also need people who know the level of competition we’re up against. That applies to bars as much as it does to e-liquids.

We’re looking for people who can follow instructions and be reliable. In some tests we might ask you to vape before a feedback session. Other times, the feedback session will be the place to test, and you need to wait until then. People who give excellent feedback will be retained as a member of our exclusive tester panel. People who don’t, or are only after free stuff, will not.

We’re also looking for our team to be made up from a broad range of ethnicities.

I’m game! How can I get involved?

There are two things you need to do first:

  • Sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). This is a legally binding contract stating you will not discuss even your participation in our testing panel, with any third party. You certainly won’t be sharing the samples you receive. Be warned… any violation will be litigated to the fullest possible extent.
  • Complete our questionnaire. Please note that there are no right or wrong answers! It’s possible we’ll use some people for some tests, but not others.
  • Sign a disclaimer. Our products and flavours will be retail-ready and will have gone through the development process and deemed suitable for use by adults 18 years of age and over.  Joining the tester team is your choice, and you’ll understand that we cannot take responsibility for any effects due to existing health conditions and how the product may be mis-used.

What’s in it for me?

- Ability to have your say

- Exclusive access to new and exciting products and flavours

- Completely free, and it’s something you enjoy

- Everyone likes being a member of a ‘secret club’!

- You can feel good about yourself! You could be helping someone quit smoking

- We may throw a little free gift in there every now and again to say thank you

Thank you for showing interest in being part of our exclusive panel. We look forward to working with you to make IVG products even better!