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Finding an E-liquid online or a vape juice from any online liquid vape shop that offers the perfect puffs, and tastes good can be a struggling charade. The majority of the users are deprived of the magical experience that vaping offers, due to the sub-par taste of most other e-liquids. This is where the exotic flavours of IVG premium e-liquids come in. Not only do the e-liquids provide a variety of exclusive flavours but it also offers a fantastic vaping experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Difference Between A Regular E-Liquid And An IVG E-Liquid

The common mistake that most online liquid vape shops make is not putting in the right ratio of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine), which takes the joy out of your vaping by not giving you the optimum hits and clouds. This makes any quantity like 100ml e-liquid or 10ml vape juices good for nothing and people can’t use that. Hence to protect the users from this unpleasant experience, IVG specifically adds a 50/50 ratio of PG and VG. PG carries the striking flavour of the vape while VG creates a mellow effect through vaporising.

Offerings from IVG-Being One Of The Biggest Brands

IVG’s premium provides a range of products that are not easy to find, like nicotine free e-liquid, nicotine e-liquids and elite best e-liquid flavours. Such products are precisely designed in order to avoid excessive consumption of nicotine within the human body and provide a delightful vaping experience. They are also directed towards intoxication and avoidance of addiction causes that occur in cases of frequent use. Hence, it is safe to use IVG vape bars and E- liquids on a daily life basis. IVG also values its customers by offering e-liquid deals in UK and premium e-liquid at discount to its frequent buyers and loyal clients.

How is IVG’s online store customer-friendly?

IVG has always ensured easy accessibility on its online stores for customers. The online liquid vape shop opens a whole new realm of various vaping experiences using its 100 ml e-liquid and affordable vape e-liquid price. Many users called them the “best e-liquid vapes” in the UK. The e-liquid base price and zero nicotine e-liquid gives an insight to the people who want to enjoy the practice of vaping for a short period of time. The extensive detail of the best e-liquid flavours and nicotine free e-liquid is enough to paint the picture of the experience a buyer is committing to. IVG’s online liquid vape shop allows easy access by the online option of “e-liquid near me” enabling the customer to buy short-fill e-liquid.

Short-fills, Nicotine Salts or Concentrates. You Name It, We Have It!

From zero nicotine e-liquid to 10ml vape juices, IVG has not failed to satisfy its customers. IVG is allowing people to easily enter the world of vaping through its affordable product price. IVG e-liquids have managed to remain on the list of best e-liquid brands all around the world. This makes customer retention easy, especially with the introduction of nic salt e-liquid shops.