IVG Bar Plus +

The Classic and All-Time Hit IVG Bar Plus + In Store for You

IVG bar plus has been a game changer in the disposable vape industry, with its 22 hit flavour range and easy-to-use mechanism. The bars come with an auto-draw system that lets you vape whenever you want without the need to press any buttons. Each bar contains 2ml of our award-winning nicotine salt and maintains a smooth and consistent flow of flavours with every draw. IVG bars plus + come with a powerful 500 mah battery which gives enough power to the device to boast up to 600 puffs. So pick and choose your favorite flavour from our extensive range and get your ultimate all-day vape on our website.

High-Quality, Clean and Authentic All-Day Disposable Vape

You ask, and we deliver. Over the span of a few years, IVG has earned a name for its vaping products in the e-cigarette industry. But what makes us stand out the most is our disposable vape products. IVG Bar plus + are among our top most-selling products, and they are loved by many vapers all over the world. From the consistent flavours, to the sleek design and intuitive mechanism, bar plus + has proven to be the most convenient and functional disposable vapes available in the market. Our quality-controlled and rigorously lab-tested manufacturing process also adds to our products' value.

What Sets Aside IVG Disposable Bars from Others?

What comes out of our disposable vapes is as important as what goes inside. Each disposable bar by IVG is filled with IVG’s nicotine salt, which is made up of certified pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients. Each bar is carefully assembled and fitted with the best vaping gear, from the coil to mouthpiece. Our flavour profiles are extremely balanced and contain an even amount of flavours and sweeteners to bring out a consistent and smooth throat hit with aromatic vapour. When you shop from IVG, you’re paying more for the quality and experience than the product itself.