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IVG nic salts release an instant rush of flavours on your tongue and bring you satisfaction with each puff. Each bottle carries 10ml e-liquid containing drops of heavenly flavours. IVG nic salts are created in an extremely quality-controlled environment, taking all precautionary measures and that is why they are considered the best nicotine e-liquid. We combine the best ingredients to give you the premium taste of our e-liquids. You can find the flavour that works best for you among our 24 flavour options with easy browsing on our website. Your All-day vape flavour is waiting for you, so get IVG Nic salt online and enjoy a non-stop flow of amazing flavours and throat hits.

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  • 10ml plastic squeeze bottles with 10mg nicotine content.
  • 24 invigorating flavours with exotic blends.
  • Finest ingredients and naturally extracted liquid nicotine.
  • TPD compliant and MHRA notified.
  • Quick nicotine delivery and smooth throat hit.
  • Consistent flavor with every draw