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ADV is short for "All Day Vape" and describes an e-liquid that a consumer is willing to vape all day for a considerable amount of time.


The peculiar fragrance that comes from vaping is known as the aroma. Compared to cigarettes, which not only leave an odour in your home but also on your clothes, we may describe the scent as sweet and somewhat pleasant.


Value of base unit of electric current. The battery draw is measured in amps.

Adjustable airflow:

Most vape tanks have two or three air vents drilled into their sides to allow airflow. In addition, some have mechanisms to adjust the amount of airflow, most commonly a dial or a rotating ring. Adjusting the airflow enables the vaper to control the intensity and thickness of the vapour.


An atomiser heats the e-liquid, which turns it into vapour. Then, it holds the coils and wicks together.


A term used by the vaping community to describe "traditional" tobacco cigarettes.


A type of e-cigarette activates on the inhale rather than needing a button to be pressed (a manual).

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Bars are e-liquid-containing devices that are tiny enough to fit easily in your pocket. The bars are pre-charged and pre-filled, and you cannot replace them. In a word, bars are ready-to-vape disposable vaping devices.


Batteries, which can be one-time or rechargeable, power the atomiser, transforming the e-liquid into vapour.

A battery is present in all vaping devices. A replaceable 18650 battery powers the majority of gadgets. Some are pre-charged, while others are rechargeable.


Bottles are where the e-liquid is stored. Bottles come premixed or with room left for you to add your nicotine shot (shake and vape). Due to TPD regulations, bottles must be child-resistant, with locks on the lids and relevant health warnings.

Base Mix

This is the base liquid that has nicotine added to it. Users can then add their preferred flavourings.

Burnt Coil

When there is insufficient e-liquid in the coil, it burns. Conversely, when a coil is dry or lacks enough e-liquid, it produces uncomfortable dry hits.

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The part of the e-cigarette that holds Thee-Liquid.


The coil is an essential part of your vaping equipment. It's a spiral-shaped metal wire that wraps around the wicking material. Its primary function is to heat the e-liquid contained within the vaping device and convert it to vapour.

Cloud Chasers

Cloud chasers who enjoy big vape clouds or vapours instead of flavours.


Cotton goes with the coil to absorb the liquid.

Closed Pod System

Pre-filled pod/tank that is one use.


Describes the vapour produced by an e-cigarette.


The equipment used to charge an e-cigarette.

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A single slim gadget that comes pre-filled with hybrid salt nicotine. Disposable devices are non-rechargeable, are pre-charged, and can hold anywhere between 300 to 3000 puffs.

Drip Tip

A tank's mouthpiece is called the drip tip. They are available in various sizes, the most popular of which are 510 and 810.

Direct-To-Lung (DTL)

Direct to the lung, as opposed to the mouth to lung, is the action of inhaling the vapours while breathing. Sub Ohm devices are the most often utilised DTL devices.

Dry Hit

A dry hit is where the coil burns the cotton instead of vapourising the liquid.


The equivalent of the word "Drag" is used in regular cigarettes. The process of sucking air through an e-cigarette is known as the draw.

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Another name for e-liquid.


The substance used in vaping devices is known as e-liquid. It is available in a variety of flavours and nicotine levels. A vape warms E-liquid, converting it to vapour. As a result, E-liquid contains PG, VG, food-grade flavouring, and, optionally, nicotine.


An abbreviated term for an electronic cigarette.

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Flavour Concentrate

Flavour Concentrates contain the best food-grade flavourings mixed with PG to allow for the advancement of flavour in your e-liquids.

Flavour Chaser

Flavour chasers are vapers continually looking for the wealthiest and most delicate flavour in the vape juice. Therefore, their preferred juice's delicious, crisp taste is essential to their vaping experience.


Fire is when you press a button to activate and inhale a vape device.

Freebase Nicotine

Nicotine E-Liquid, in its purest form, is referred to as freebase. This is a popular ingredient in 10ml E-Liquids. However, it might be harsher at greater concentrations.


When E-Liquid overflows into the atomiser, this is known as flooding.

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High Resistance (HR)

An atomiser with a high OHM reading is used for high voltage vaping.

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It is the act of breathing in the vapour from the vape device.

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This word usually refers to E-liquid. Vape juice and vape liquid are two more names.

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A word occasionally used to describe the throat impact felt during vaping.


A type of wire that is commonly used to build coils. It is available in a range of different resistances.

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Lung Hit

The sensation a vaper has when inhaling vapour in one breath. Those who want greater hits and giant clouds will like this. The disadvantage is that you risk burning cotton and suffering severe consequences.

Low Resistance

Low resistance measurement is less than 1.000 ohms. Subohm is another name for Subohm.

Low Nicotine

Often used to describe an e-liquid with low nicotine, most commonly referred to as a shortfill with 6mg or less.


This can occur when too much liquid overflows into the cartridge. As a result, juice can leak out into the battery, which causes damage.


Abbreviated term for lithium-ion batteries.

Low Resistance (LR)

An atomiser with a low OHM reading is utilised for low voltage vaping. This creates more vapour but consumes more battery.


LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode. This light illuminates the end of an e-cigarette to simulate a traditional cigarette.

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The capacity of a battery to store energy is expressed in milliampere-hours.


A sort of vape that works by pressing a button.


An abbreviation of milligram strength per millilitre. MG is used to determine the nicotine strength of the e-liquid.


The term for mixing solutions and flavours is known as 'DIY Vaping'.

Mouth-To-Lung (MTL)

It is the action when you inhale the vapour, which is comparable to the pull of a cigarette and is frequently recommended to smokers seeking to quit due to its similarities.

Mesh Coil

The cover of the atomiser bridge is generally made of stainless steel. The mesh is usually a cylindrical shape. However, some manufacturers offer a plate-like option.

Max VG

A term given to an e-liquid with a high/maximum ratio of vegetable glycerin. Because VG is a heavier liquid, the absorption rate is slower; hence, Max VG uses a sub-ohm coil and a high wattage device.


It is derived from peppermint and is used in both traditional cigarettes and e-liquids. Menthol flavour leaves a refreshing and long-lasting aftertaste.


A term to describe smaller e-cigarette models.

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Nic Shot/Nicotine

A nic shot is a little vial of nicotine blended with VG and PG, often ranging in strength from 18 to 20mg.


This substance is found in natural tobacco and is added to e-Liquids to replicate the nicotine effect of traditional cigarettes.

Nicotine Salt

Nic salts (short for nicotine salts) are a kind of nicotine that provides a quicker and stronger effect. Furthermore, this formulation is more stable than freebase nicotine, resulting in quicker absorption and a lower throat hit.

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The resistance of the coils produced is measured using electronic resistance. The lower the resistance, the faster the coil warms up and generates more vapour.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is commonly used for e-cigarette wicks and is considered a favourite by many vapers.

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Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a colourless, viscous liquid. It has a mildly sweet flavour and is almost odourless.


Pod systems are small, portable vaping devices. The majority of pod systems have a lower wattage output but a greater nicotine strength. It is ideal for folks who are just getting started with vaping.

Public Health England

A government institution that strives to improve health and wellbeing across the UK and reduce health inequalities.

Pod Mod

Pod mods are non-moddable vaping devices that use a single pod of pre-filled liquid and is disposable. More recently, disposable and refillable pods that use salt-based nicotine e-liquids.

Popcorn Lung

Bronchiolitis obliterans is often known as "popcorn lung." It is a disorder that causes coughing and shortness of breath by damaging the lungs' tiniest airways.


Each exhales in an e-cig/e-liquid is known as a puff.


Soaking the coil before use decreases the possibility of a burned coil. This is referred to as priming.

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The vaping ratio is the proportion of PG to VG in e-liquids. Different ratios are utilised to generate various vape experiences. For example, vapers who like a greater throat hit will use more PG than VG, while those who prefer more cloud creation would use more VG.


The coil's resistance is measured in ohms. As a result, it contributes to the amount of flavour and vapours produced by your device.


This term is used by more expert vapers to describe a tank or atomiser that lets you to change coils and wicks.


Refill is when you fill a tank or a pod with e-juice after it has ended. Be sure to keep your tank refilled at all times, or refill it timely to make sure that your coil doesn't burn.

Regulated Mods

A type of e-cigarette battery that uses a circuit board to regulate the current. They are considered safer than mechanical mods.

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Smoking Alternative

A smoking alternative is any tobacco product that aims to reduce harm or the risk of tobacco-related disease/illness. A smoking alternatice is Vaping, which has proven to be an excellent choice smokers trying to quit cigarettes.

Smoking Sensation

The term "smoking sensation" refers to the experience that a smoker/ex-smoker can replicate when vaping.


Short fills are bigger bottles of nicotine-free e-liquid with room at the top for a nic shot. Short fills enable you to mix to your preferred nicotine intensity using a 10ml vial of concentrated nicotine.


The process through which the flavours in your e-liquid settle, improve, and intensify is known as steeping. Typically, this means allowing the vape juice to rest for a period of time.

It is advised that flavours steep for at least two weeks before smoking, however some vapers like to steep flavours for months.

Starter Kit

A vape device kit is recommended for beginners. They are often simpler to use.

Straight-to-Lung Hit

A straight-to-lung hit is where the vapour is directly channelled through the throat and lungs, bypassing the mouth. This is similar to how you breathe air directly into your lungs.


Sub-ohm refers to the coil's resistance being less than one ohm. Sub-ohm vaping is sometimes known as direct-to-lung vaping. Sub-ohm devices are intended to generate enormous clouds of vapour. Sub-ohm coils require a wide range of wattage settings. They may produce 30-120W+ depending on the coil and resistance. So the typical coil would require 40-70W.


A substitute for sugar used to sweeten meals or beverages. Sucralose is the most widely used sweetener in e-liquids. Other sugar substitutes include stevia, neotame, xylitol, and ace k. Sweeteners are often 10 to 100 times more potent than sugar.

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Throat Hit

The feeling felt by a vaper as the vapour touches the back of their throat. This is most sought by smokers/ex-smokers attempting to stop since it best replicates a cigarette.


The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) governs the sale and manufacture of e-cigarettes and e-liquids in the European Union. It becomes effective in May of 2016. Before being placed on the EU market, every product must comply with TPD requirements.


The vape tank is the component of your device that holds the e-liquid and produces vapour.

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Unregulated (Mod Device)

A mod device's regulation refers to the current flow from the battery to the coil in a vaporiser.

V |

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

When vaping, Vegetable Glycerine (VG) generates large vape clouds. Because the liquid is thick, it can accumulate in your atomiser if you have a tiny vaporiser that fails to absorb the VG liquid. Furthermore, those with propylene glycol (PG) allergy should use the highest VG blend.

Vaper's Tongue

This word refers to when a user loses the ability to taste the vape juice, which most vapers will encounter on occasion. It is generally just temporary and only lasts a few days. There are things you can do to assist speed up the process and restore your taste buds.


The term for someone who uses an electronic cigarette.


The practice of using an electronic cigarette.

Vape Liquid

A term used to describe e-liquid


Vapour is the cloud produced by an electronic cigarette.

Variable Wattage (VW)

Allows a user to change the wattage on their device.


W |

Wattage (Watts)

Wattage is a measurement of how much electricity an e-cigarette consumes. Higher wattage will cause your coil to burn out faster and reduce battery life.


A wick is a fiber that is passed through the coil to absorb the e-liquid. It is usually composed of cotton. Its aim is to keep the vape juice from burning on the coil and to improve the flavour experience.

Z |

Zero Nic

E-Liquid that contains no nicotine.