Concentraded E-liquids

Premium Concentrated E-liquid Flavours by IVG

With our concentrated e-liquids, you can easily tailor your vaping experience as per your need by adding your desired level of PG and VG ratio. Our 30 ml bottles contain potent and exotic flavours of concentrate that works like a magic spell to alter your e-liquid and turn it into something you fall in love with. With our 10+ exciting flavours. On I Vape Great, you will get 1 nic-shot bottle free. Explore a wide variety of IVG e-liquids, and shop for your favourite flavour online.

The Best Vape Juice Flavour Concentrated Shop Has Something Special for You

Imagine taking your favourite fruit, cutting it up, and letting it simmer in a pot with your choice of seasoning. That’s exactly how natural and organic our concentrated e-liquids feel and taste with perfect amount of sweetness and ratio. Buy concentrated e-liquid flavours of your own choice and make your mouth salivate as you vape – yes they are that much delicious and aromatic. With well-balanced and flavourful notes, our concentrated e-liquids leave your breath and room smelling delightfully pleasant as you exhale the vapour. IVG promise to deliver both top-notch quality and quantity being one of the best vape juice flavour concentrated shops.

Key Features of Our Highly Acclaimed Concentrated E-Liquids

  • 30ml squeeze bottle with recommended 15% to 20 % mix
  • 11 invigorating blends of exciting flavours
  • Amazing flavours offering you the ability to tailor your vaping experience
  • Easier wicking and longer coil life
  • Extremely delicious and aromatic
  • 1 free nic-shot