Shortfills (70:30)

Presenting You the Best Pre-Steeped Premium Shortfills 70:30 E-Liquids

With our premium shortfills 70:30 online, you can tailor your vaping experience as per your need. IVG short fills are extremely beneficial for new vapers as you can add your desired amount of nicotine in them. We offer 50 exciting flavours to our customers to experience the delight of each one of them. Our short fills are extremely balanced, with the right amount of sweetness and taste to give you the best vaping experience. Get the best shortfills 70:30 online from our carefully crafted 70:30 short fill range and enjoy each element of your favorite flavour.

Get The Flavours from The Best Shortfills 70:30 E-liquid Shop

We present your favorite childhood flavours stored inside our short-fill flavour range to bring back some memories. You can enjoy the flavour of your favorite candy, fruit, and much more with our e-liquids. Our premium shortfills 70:30 range also increases the life of your coil and provide you with an extremely soft throat hit. IVG is your gateway to discover the best of what the vaping world has to offer. So buy your favorite shortfills 70:30 online today and elevate your vaping experience.

A Few Key Features That Make Our Premium Shortfills 70:30 Outshine The Rest

  • 50ml squeeze bottle with 0mg nicotine.
  • 50 invigorating blends of exciting flavors.
  • Amazing flavours that offer you the ability to tailor your vaping experience.
  • Easier wicking and longer coil life.
  • Extremely delicious and aromatic