IVG Bar Diamond

IVG Diamond Bar – Your Favorite Go-To Disposable Bar

When it comes to disposable vapes, IVG has been the leading disposable vape brand in the UK. IVG Diamond bars are among our earliest and most loved vaping products. The diamond bars were meticulously designed and crafted for vapers to give them a useful nicotine delivery tool with invariable flavour and vapour. Our all-time favorite diamond bars contain 2ml e-liquid and are fitted with a powerful 500 MaH battery. Each bar can boast up to 600 puffs, with each puff carrying the same degree of pleasure and taste.

The Handiest and Convenient Disposable Vapes

IVG diamond bars are small in size and make up for a highly discreet vaping device. You can fit these bars inside your palm and carry them inside your pocket. They are leak-proof and travel-friendly, and their auto-draw mechanism makes them extremely hassle-free. Diamond bars come in 8 exciting flavours, filled with IVG’s artisanal salt nicotine, providing an incredibly smooth throat hit and thick vapour cloud.

Add The Most Sought-After Diamond Bars To Your Vaping Portfolio

IVG diamond bars are going to be a valuable addition to your vaping portfolio, considering all the conveniences and benefits they bring to your life. Each diamond bar contains 20mg of nicotine and carries nicotine efficiently to your body while fixing your nicotine cravings. Get your favorite flavours of IVG diamond bar and experience pure vaping bliss.