Our Brand

Acme Global are a leading international manufacturing company serving over 100 countries. The company was founded in 2016 by Ahsan Bawa with a vision to become the best total global vaping leader, generating sustainable economic, social, and environmental value by managing innovative, winning business models with the best people in the world. Our founding and leading brand is IVG also known as I Vape Great, which is one of the largest and globally known brand in the vaping the world, The brand serves over 100 countries across 6 continents and have earned many awards from around the world including Best UK Brand in the UK to Best International Brand in Canada. Alongside our own 10 brands, we also offer an OEM service for many brands to world. We strive to build strong relationships with our customers, so we can deliver quality e-liquid in a efficient manner.

The company is focused on satisfying our customers with excellence, building a leading total vaping portfolio that satisfies every taste and lifestyle, and providing an ultimate solution to smokers wanting to quit their smoking habit, while responding to our markets’ evolving consumption habits. We keep transforming our operating models to develop a greater competitive advantage that enables us to adapt to ever-changing environments and generate sustainable growth. We further empower our people to lead our growth and business transformation in the face of constant challenges, living our principles every day. Ultimately, we aim to create sustainable economic, social, and environmental value for all of our stakeholders. Our products have served millions of customers around world and we are proud to offer our customers a trusted product which is alternative to harmful tobacco products such as cigarettes.

Who we are

The Bawa Family established its first manufacturing business in Asia as “Bawa Jute Mills” in 1949 and since have owned several businesses around the world. The growth, success and art of learning from failures of the Bawa Family have positioned and secured the group as business leaders, credit to family’s experience of over 70 years, and the trust placed in the group and associated companies by its customers, people and principals. The Group actively participates in national growth and economic and social development in several countries with the HQ in the UK and satellite offices in USA, Columbia, UAE, Pakistan and Hong Kong.

Highly motivated people in the Business and subsidiary companies fulfil customers’ needs in accordance with the short and long-term objectives set by them. Since its inception, the goods, services and support provided by Bawa Group of companies have led to improved productivity and growth in the areas of legal, e commerce, retail, properties acquisitions, construction, clothing manufacturing and of course vaping industry.


On 5th March 2014, Mr Mitha served the world’s first IVG flavour in Preston, United Kingdom with an aim to make a difference, spread “Happiness and Greatness”. From that one iconic vape flavour “Summer Blaze”, we’ve evolved into a global vape brand serving over 100 countries and millions of our followers around the world.