IVG 50:50

IVG 50:50 E-liquid by VG/PG

Our well-balanced 50% ratio e-liquids are the prime choice for rookies if they are unsure about where to begin. They give you the best and most balanced throat hit and long coil life, saving you all the extra hassle. We offer 10mg bottles of 50:50 e-liquids with 3mg/6mg/12mg/18mg nicotine content to make you experience the best of both worlds. They wick easily, offer a tantalizing burst of flavours, and don’t end up producing gunk in your coil, because of their subtle and natural sweetening ingredients. Choose wisely and buy e-liquids by VG/PG at the best vape shop; I Vape Great and never look back on other options again.

Congratulations! You Have Just Uncovered the Holy Grail of Vaping World

50:50 e-liquids have surely oversaturated the market but our 50% ratio e-juices reign supreme above all. They are extremely convenient, straight off the bat, and don’t require any steeping; just grab one and unleash the cloud of vapour and flavour as you draw. The bottles are easier to squeeze and leakage proof and don’t even get us started on the product inside! It ignites a mouthful of fruity sensations in your mouth, popping and teeming with flavours. Moreover, you will never run out of options on the vast flavour profile we offer and the authority to buy E-liquid by VG/PG, because we got a unique blend for each and every vaper that matches their subjective taste. One of the overlooked features of our 50% ratio e-liquids is that they leave a dash of cooling agent to cap off your vaping experience without any artificial aftertaste. These nic salt e-liquid type is always in demand in the UK market & worldwide.

Key Features of IVG 50:50

  • 10ml squeeze bottle with 3mg/6mg/12mg/18mg nicotine content. Choose as per your preference
  • 20+ invigorating blends of exciting flavours
  • 50:50 PG/VG ratio for consistent and balanced throat hit
  • Easier wicking and longer coil life
  • Extremely delicious and aromatic