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What Does The UK Government Says About Vaping?

12 Dec 2022 0 Comments
What Does The UK Government Says About Vaping?

It is common knowledge that before consuming anything, we must always evaluate the repercussion that it could possibly have on our bodies. Some of the edible things we consume in our day-to-day lives are incredibly unhealthy and even harmful to our health. Among some of the things that are still consumed by our society on a large scale, despite their known harmful effects on human health, are cigarettes. Cigarettes engulf the lives of millions of people all over the world each year. Health agencies across the globe have time and time again stated how detrimental smoking is to the long-term health of human beings. But, the mindless consumption of cigarettes still goes on and affects society at large.

But in the midst of public health crises created by cigarettes, vaping emerged as a silver lining. Vaping is primarily viewed as a smoking cessation aid, and it has helped millions of people to quit smoking and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In the UK, it is fully endorsed by Public health England and the data collected by the NHS from millions of UK vapers over the past 13+ years tells us that it has brought so many life-affirming changes to their lives, from health gains to financial gains. Health agencies all over the world base their health and safety reports based on proven medical facts and research, and Public health England maintains that vaping is 95 times safer than smoking.

Things Vaping Do Your Body:

Vaping provides nicotine in variable doses, and it helps people slowly wean themselves off nicotine. It uses various kinds of e-liquids like short fills, salt nic juice, and e-liquids with free base nicotine in order to help people tailor their nicotine consumption as per their needs. Nicotine is the major substance that develops an addiction. However, the culprit behind all the fatal lung diseases that people who smoke suffer from is not nicotine. It's the inhaling of carcinogenic genic substances that get released during the combustion of tobacco - that gives rise to all the health complications and diseases. If anything, vaping reduces the harm caused by smoking cigarettes by employing ingredients in the vape juice that is entirely innocuous and safe to use.

Reason For Vaping Product To Use Nicotine:

The four primary ingredients that make up the e-liquid are PG, VG, nicotine and artificial or natural flavours and sweeteners. Nicotine in itself is not in any way damaging to human health unless you consume it mindlessly and in extremely high dosages. It's true that it creates addiction, but it's actually on par with the effects of caffeine for both effects on the body, addictiveness and lethality. Vaping works to carry nicotine efficiently in your body, and until recently, the only way to get nicotine in the body was extraordinarily harmful, with the exception of nicotine patches and snuff tobacco, where the latter has little to no health risks and was simply just disgusting. For normal healthy people, nicotine, just like caffeine, actually has positive effects on the body with the exception of withdrawal symptoms, which are actually on par with each other.

How Has The UK Government Advocated Vaping?

The government of the UK has been an active advocate of vaping as a smoking cessation tool. NHS has been actively encouraging people to quit smoking and replace it with a much healthier activity like vaping as it removes 95 % of the harm caused by analogues. In 2020, the UK government also passed a bill that allowed them to legislate vaping products across the region. But despite the relatively positive approach and encouragement of vaping and vaping products, Public Health England hasn't declared vaping as completely free from any risk or long-term effects. Furthermore, they have emphasized that people should only use use "UK-regulated e-liquids and never risk vaping home-made or illicit e-liquids or adding substances, any of which could be harmful."

Are There Still Any Repercussions Involved with Vaping?

There hasn't been any vaping-related death or incident reported in the UK. However, a few deaths were reported in the US due to their exposure to vitamin e acetate, which was mixed inside their e-liquids that came from the black market and were completely unregulated. The only known effects of vaping are dehydration and the vaper's tongue, excluding all the myths like popcorn lungs which are only formed on untested hypotheses. However, inhaling massive amounts of anything can have detrimental effects or irritate your lungs. Obviously, people should use common sense. It is important to understand that 'irritating your lungs' is not the same as 'inhaling carcinogenic material into your lungs.'
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