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The Ultimate Guide to IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kits: Find Your Perfect Flavour Match

24 Jun 2024
best IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit

As a leading vape brand, we’re passionate and innovative about creating disposable vapes with exceptional taste and ease of use.

Our NEW IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kits are a testament to this commitment. Followed by the worldwide success of IVG 2400 Big Puff Disposable Bars, we have yet another groundbreaking product for vape lovers. 

Gone are the days of limiting yourself to one flavour or a 2ml pod at a time. IVG Air 4-in-1 allows you to enjoy four flavours in one rechargeable vape with 27+ additional flavour choices. 

Whether you are new to vaping or expanding your flavour horizon, these kits are the best options. They are the perfect combo of variety, ease of use, and affordability. Multiple flavours, rechargeable devices, sleek design- there’s everything you need to chase that cloud puff!

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kits.

What Is The IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit

The IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit is your ticket to a world of flavour. It is a sleek device neatly packaged with four pods (2ml each) pre-filled with e-liquid.  Each pod is packed with flavour, providing around 600 puffs, rounding up to 2400 puffs of enjoyment. 

There are ten editions of the Starter Kit with different colours and flavour combinations. While each edition has its unique four flavours, you can select from 27+ flavours overall.

We’ve designed these kits with simplicity and convenience in mind. There are no buttons to fuss with or settings to adjust. Simply twist the body of the device to choose your desired pod. Draw on the mouthpiece, and the device activates, delivering a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. 

The sleek and compact design ensures your IVG Air fits perfectly in your pocket or bag, making it an ideal companion for vaping on the go. And, with an 1100 mAh rechargeable battery, you can vape throughout the day without your device dying down. 

What Flavours Are Available In The IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kits

Our 4-in-1 Starter Kits offer an enticing array of options, carefully curated to satisfy every craving and complement any mood.  From refreshing bursts of fruit to indulgent dessert-inspired creations, there's a flavour combination waiting to become your new favourite.

Fruity Vape Flavours

  • Tropical Paradise: Transport yourself to sun-kissed shores with the Gold Edition's Tropical Fruits or the Green Edition's juicy Mango Pineapple.
  • Berry Bliss: Dive into the world of berries with the Blue Edition's Blue Sour Raspberry, Blue Raspberry Ice, Blue Raspberry Cherry or the Sky Edition's Strawberry Raspberry Ice.
  • Citrus Zing: Awaken your senses with the zesty Fizzy Lemon featured in multiple editions, or try the refreshing Watermelon Lemon from the Green and Silver Editions.

Sweet Vape Flavours

  • Decadent Desserts: Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Pink Edition's Watermelon Ice and Pineapple Ice, reminiscent of your favourite summer treats.
  • Creamy Creations: While not explicitly dessert-like, the smoothness of the Purple Edition's Grape Ice or the Blue Raspberry Plum offers a similar indulgence.

Classic & Cool Vape Flavours

  • Minty Fresh: Experience a cooling sensation with the Silver Edition's Blue Raspberry Ice or the Classic Menthol found in the Black and Green Editions.
  • Fizzy Fun: Add some sparkle to your vaping experience with the Fizzy Cherry featured in multiple editions.

Here is a detailed guide about the IVG Air flavours present in each edition.




  • Fizzy Lemon
  • Kiwi Pineapple
  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Strawberry Watermelon


  • Blue Sour Raspberry
  • Blue Raspberry Ice
  • Blue Raspberry Cherry
  • Strawberry Watermelon


  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Tropical Fruits
  • Kiwi Pineapple
  • Pineapple Ice


  • Fizzy Cola
  • Watermelon Lemon
  • Fizzy Lemon
  • Mango Pineapple


  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Lemon Lime
  • Pineapple Ice


  • Grape Ice
  • Blue Razz Cherry
  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Blue Razz Plum


  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Fizzy Ice


  • Kiwi Pineapple
  • Watermelon Lemon
  • Lemon Lime
  • Blue Raspberry Ice


  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Blue Sour Raspberry
  • Blue Raspberry Ice
  • Strawberry Raspberry Ice


  • Blue Razz Cherry
  • Lemon Cherry Ice
  • Pineapple Passionfruit
  • Lemon Cherry Passionfruit

With such a wide range of options, your perfect flavour match is just a puff away.  Once these pre-filled pods run out, you can also buy flavoured pods for the IVG starter kit. 

Why Is IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit Your Perfect Vaping Partner?

But why should the IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit be your top choice? Let's break down the key reasons that make it the perfect vaping partner for both new and experienced vapers:

Huge Variety Of Flavours

With a vast selection of over 27 mouth-watering flavours, the IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit takes you on a new vaping adventure with every pod. Whether you crave the zesty tang of Fizzy Lemon or the exotic sweetness of Tropical Fruits, there's a flavour match waiting for you in every kit.

Rechargeable and Sustainable Vapes

Unlike disposable vapes, the IVG Air device is rechargeable, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective choice for your vaping journey. Now, you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without constantly replacing disposable devices and feel good about reducing waste.


With its user-friendly draw-activated mechanism and no buttons or settings to adjust, the IVG Air 4-in-1 is designed for hassle-free vaping. Simply inhale, and you're on your way to flavourful satisfaction, whether commuting, travelling, or relaxing at home.

Compliance And Safety

At IVG, your safety is our priority. The IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit is fully compliant with all the UK regulations. Each pod is 2 ml and contains only 20 mg of nicotine and complies with the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD). We ensure a worry-free vaping experience that meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Find Your Perfect Flavour Vape Today

With a huge array of delicious flavours to choose from, a rechargeable vape design that’s kind to the planet, and unparalleled convenience, the IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit is the best device for the job. Don't wait any longer. Explore our best IVG Air 4-in-1 Starter Kit and find your perfect vape today.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a vaping novice or a seasoned enthusiast, we're confident you'll find your perfect match within our extensive range of vape flavours.

We'd love to hear about your favourite IVG Air experiences. Share your top flavours and thoughts in the comments below! And if you haven't yet ventured on your IVG Air journey, what are you waiting for? Dive into our collection and discover the vape that's uniquely yours.
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