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Pod Systems Vs Disposable Vapes: How Are They Different?

22 Nov 2022 0 Comments
Pod Systems Vs Disposable Vapes: How Are They Different?

The e-cigarette industry has undergone many changes over the last few years and has come up with so many different options to cater to vapers all over the world. During its immerging stage, people only had ciga-like e-cigarettes. But now you get tons of different options for different vape devices like puff bars, refillable pods and mods, through which you choose to vape. Vaping itself is a means to achieve a higher end, and its main purpose is to help people quit smoking.

Hence, no matter what medium or tool you choose, it's always far better and safer than cigarettes. Still, the vape device you choose can impact your overall vaping experience, especially as a beginner. The right vape device will give you a good head start to kick off your vaping journey, and what works for others may or may not work for you or give you the same level of satisfaction.

The Choices You Get as A Beginner to Vaping:

Beginners or people who are new to vaping are usually faced with two choices when they step into the vaping world. They are either offered pod systems or disposable vapes to embark on their vaping journey. Of course, there are other vaping devices, too, like mod systems and pod-mod systems, but they are usually reserved for people who have had some exposure to the vaping world and have a greater understanding of vape devices and e-liquids.

 But for starters, it is usually preferred they opt for simple pod systems or disposable vapes. But even to select one of those devices, you need to have a basic level of understanding of how they work and what are the pros and cons of them. In this blog, we try to cover some of the basic elements of pod devices and disposable vapes and what sets them apart from each other.

The Basic Difference Between a Pod System and A Disposable Vape:

The main dividing line between pod systems and disposable vapes lies in their configuration. A pod system is a type of refillable vape. It is fitted with a tank, in which you can fill your e-liquid whenever you run out of supply. A disposable vape is pre-filled with e-liquid, and it cannot be refilled or taken apart like pod systems. The pod system requires the maintenance of its gears like coil, batteries, and tank.

In contrast, disposable vapes don't require any maintenance because they cannot be reused once they run out of e-liquid or battery. However, some disposable vapes also come with a rechargeable battery. Pod systems are usually bigger in size and heavier in weight but not as big or heavy as advanced mod devices. Disposable vapes are smaller in size and lighter in weight and can be carried around easily without having to carry other vape gear or e-liquids for their functioning.

Pros and Cons of Pod System:


  • Customizability

Pod systems give you a lot of space for customizability in terms of e-liquid flavours. You can easily change the flavour of your e-liquid if you think you have used one sufficiently. With some pod devices, you get to change the entire pod, while with others, you only need to replace the coil. With the pod system, you can even select the type of e-liquid you want to use in your vapes, like freebase e-liquids, nic salts or the amount of nicotine you want to use.

  • Cost-Effective

Pod systems usually require a fixed cost or initial investment that you have to make in order to get your device and your choice of e-liquid, but the cost lowers afterwards. Your expenditure actually decreases by a huge margin when you compare the cost of smoking cigarettes and using pod systems for vaping. And a bottle of e-liquid usually lasts for a month or more to most vapers, but it totally depends on your usage and how frequently you vape. Pod systems are low-powered devices; hence they don't end up consuming much e-liquid to run.


  • Maintenance

Pod systems actually require a little bit of work and effort on your part for maintenance. You need to periodically check up on your pod or coil to make sure it needs to be changed. Sometimes, your device can give you a weird taste or not work to its full potential, and that's a sign that your tank needs cleaning due to the gunk trapped inside. You also need to prime your coil if you have replaceable coils inside your device and recharge your battery when it runs out of it. Refilling your tank with e-liquid is also part of maintenance and the basic fuel that runs it.

  • Extra Weight and Risk of Leakage

Pod systems entail carrying around the extra weight of e-liquid bottles and, at times, vape gear too. You might also have to carry a charger along with you at times because it can run out of battery too. If you make a mistake while refilling your pod, it can, at times, leak inside your pocket. It would be best if you kept it upright or in a safe position in order to prevent leakage.

Disposable Vapes:


  • Easy to Use

Disposable vapes are the most intuitive and easy-to-use devices because they don't require any initial setup or maintenance. They can only be used once time till they run out of e-liquid or battery. They contain an easy draw mechanism and are fitted with a mouthpiece. You don’t have to press any buttons or change their coils. They are completely portable devices that are fully optimized.

  • Easy to Carry

Disposable devices are extremely easy to carry around due to their sleek design and lightweight. They have a pen-shaped design and you can easily hide them behind your palm and use them for discrete vaping. Disposable vapes have a leak-proof system and don’t require you to carry any e-liquids, vape gear or charger along with you. They are usually fitted with a light at the bottom that blinks whenever you take a draw, and it also gives you signals when it's about to run out of e-liquid or battery.


  • Environmental Waste

Disposable vapes are supposed to be used one time and are disposed of after they run out of e-liquid or battery. Due to their nature, they end up producing a lot of waste. Littering, of course, depends on your personal lifestyle and how mindful you are about your surroundings, but electronic waste is one aspect of disposable vapes that puts them in a disadvantageous position sometimes as compared to other refillable devices.

  • Increased Expenditure
Disposable vapes can be a little bit expensive as compared to other vape devices because they cannot be reused or refilled with e-liquid whenever they run out of it. With pod systems or advanced mods, you can always put the device to use again just by refilling it with e-liquids. But it not the case with disposable vapes. As a result, you end up buying more of them if your consumption level is high and it gets costlier than other vape devices, where you don’t have to replace the device itself in order to continue your vaping experience.
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