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Vaping in Sync with Seasons – A Brief Guide To Vapers

18 Nov 2022 0 Comments
Vaping in Sync with Seasons – A Brief Guide To Vapers

We all have different markers for all seasons. We associate summer with humidity, the smell of pine, pools, heady and musky scents and spring with fresh air, sunlight, grass and pollen. Likewise, for many of us, the autumn season is full of warmth and cosiness with trampled leaves and wind, while winters are cold and bleak. But with shifting seasons, our consumption habits also shift, and we are inclined more towards refreshing and zesty-tasting products in summer than winter. A lot of vapers change their e-liquid habits with changing seasons too, as it gives a reset to their pallet. E-liquid and puff bars have all kinds of flavours that are apt to vape with respect to different seasons. But how do we determine which flavour is going to correspond the most with our taste buds and olfactory system in summer or winter? This guide will nudge you in the right direction.

Why Do We Like Different Flavours in Different Seasons?

Our taste buds regenerate periodically, and this is the process by which we acquire taste. A human being has only five to six types of taste receptors on their tongue, but we have countless smell receptors in our nose that make up our olfactory system. The food and drinks we consume and their flavours are a mixture of taste and smell that describes the range of flavours we experience. The e-liquid we consume has more to do with its smell than its taste. And this explains the phenomenon called ‘vaper’s tongue,’ where we are unable to taste the flavour of our e-liquid because we exhaust our olfactory system by exposing it to one specific smell for an extended period of time. Hence, it’s not your taste buds that become unresponsive but the receptors in your nose.

We acquire preferences for different food during different seasons, just like we associate the smell of different things as seasonal markers for different seasons. The human mind is quick to associate things it identifies with smell, and even when the season doesn’t change, that thing will always remind them of the season. For example, we like to consume hot beverages during the winter season, and we keep romanticizing how much we might like it based on the past consumption pattern they have taken during winter. Like food, changing your e-liquid preference will automatically give you an instantaneous rush of the season. This will automatically enhance the flavours of the other ones when you switch and make you appreciate and enjoy them on a deeper level.

Spring E-Liquid Shelf:

Spring is the mellowest of seasons, where you dream of being in a garden surrounded by fresh fruits and flowers. It is a season of new beginnings and excitement. In spring, the taste of ripe fruits is what comes to everyone’s minds, and the distillation of that in your e-liquid would make you make the most out of the spring season. Ideally, your spring e-liquid shelf should comprise of fruity flavours. You can add any degree of sweetness and tanginess to your shelf; there are no bounds when it comes to savouring fruity flavours in spring. Some of the top picks for spring e-liquids include flavours like raspberry, honeydew, cherry, mango and spearmint.

Summer E-Liquid Shelf:

Summer season comes with a heavily scented heat that touches your skin and gives you an immersive experience. In summer, you might want to try e-liquids that are charged with exciting tropical flavours or something that gives an air of chilliness to break the heat spell. The summer e-liquid shelf can be versatile, containing flavours like watermelon, menthol, strawberry, and cola ice. This season also carries nostalgia and pleasant memories. So you can pick up an e-liquid that is associated with your favourite childhood food like bubble gum, ice-lollies, lemonade etc.

Autumn E-Liquid Shelf:

The Autumn season contains a briskness in the air with a hint of distant burning. It is also marked by a light breeze that makes your body cleave to the feeling of warmth and cosiness. In autumn, you might like to indulge in flavours like caramel nut, pumpkin spice, cinnamon and cappuccino. It is also a reminder of childhood memories associated with Halloween, so you can pick up candy-flavoured e-liquid to revel in those feelings. Other autumn flavours include vanilla, crème Brule, éclair and whiskey. The shift from sweet and zesty flavours to mild and subdued ones will also free you from the shackles of vapour’s tongue.

Winter E-Liquid Shelf:

Winter is the season that’s heavily charged with a lot of flavour associations due to the festivities and cold temperatures. Your flavour preference in winter changes a lot because you avoid consuming colder beverages and lean towards warmer ones. Likewise, the food always gives off whiffs of homeliness and warmth. For e-liquids, people usually make a slow descent into richer and more pronounced flavours like tobacco and espresso/coffee. The winter e-liquid shelf for most vapers usually comprises of tobacco flavoured e-liquids, chai latte, dark chocolate, cookie dough etc. For e-liquids that are inspired by beverages, nothing beats the flavour of hot chocolate and wine.
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