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How Disposable Vapes Are Not the Environmental Hazard?

08 Nov 2022 0 Comments
How Disposable Vapes Are Not the Environmental Hazard?

Vapes are considered the cleanest and healthiest alternatives to cigarettes. They reduce the health repercussions by a significant margin, and they improve your overall health by minimizing the damage that the combustion of tobacco causes to your body. But despite their benefits related to health, many people, especially non-smokers, don't appreciate the use of disposable vapes. Some even claim they are causing as much damage as cigarettes. One of the reasons why cigarettes are detested by non-smokers is the environmental damage they cause. You find tons of cigarette butts and heaps of ash whenever you visit a smoker's space, and it creates a lot of waste and co2 emissions that cause harm to the environment. So naturally, whenever they hear the word 'disposable', it triggers a lot of bad connotations that they want to distance themselves from.

The Real Culprit Is the Practice of Littering:

It's true that if you throw away your disposable vapes anywhere, they will end up in a landfill, which wouldn't benefit the environment in any way. But one needs to understand that it's the throw-away culture that needs to be stopped, not the practice of vaping disposables or buying disposable vapes online. People simply tend to throw away things that are dead or consumed, like plastic wrappers, diapers, tissue boxes, and razor blades, without paying much heed to the environment. In the consumer world, almost 70 percent of the things an average person buys get used up and disposed of in a highly haphazard and unmindful manner. As a result, you will find wrappers on the sidewalk, tissues in the drainage, and plastic waste in rivers. And these things add up and create a ripple effect that ends up giving rise to environmental catastrophes.

How to Dispose of Disposables?

We need to be mindful of the ways we dispose of things. Disposable vapes have helped millions of people new to the vaping world move to healthier lives. And they are an excellent way to test the water. Banning disposables wouldn't be beneficial because it would end up discouraging people who plan to quit cigarettes, as disposables are really easy to use and ergonomically designed. They mimic the hand-to-mouth gesture and give a great head start to their users. What one needs to do is learn to dispose of them in a mindful and safe manner. There are a lot of electronic recycling bins that are placed at every nook and corner now, and a little effort on your part could actually reduce the harm, however small, that disposable vapes could potentially cause to the environment. The incautious littering needs to be stopped, not the usage of disposable vapes.

A lot of people are dependent on disposable vapes, and it would greatly affect the whole vaping world if they somehow become unavailable in the market. The most important part of any kind of vape device is the battery. Disposable vapes have lithium batteries that shouldn't be thrown away heedlessly. The best way to get rid of disposables, once they are used up, is to disassemble the batteries and take them to a place that recycles batteries. Home depots usually have battery bins too. But care must be taken when you detach lithium batteries because they could misfire. Hence you need to separate the body from the battery completely.

Rechargeable Disposables:

The last thing you can do on your part if you are really dependent on disposables is to get yourself a rechargeable disposable vape. Many brands and vape shops have created rechargeable disposable vapes that let them sit on the shelves for a long time and can easily last you for 15-20 days, based on your consumption pattern. In our vast consumer society, there are a lot of products that we consume without paying much attention to their health repercussions and impact on our bodies. But with vaping, we are already aware of the content of our vapes, and we know the benefits and the cons too. We cannot totally eliminate the damage it might cause to the environment, but we can minimize it by playing our part, just as it minimizes the damage to our health in the first place.

Get Creative with The Waste:

Arts and crafts play a role in every part of our lives, and you can unleash your creativity on your empty disposable vapes too. If you have amassed a lot of dead disposable vapes, you can upcycle those vapes and turn them into ornamental objects. With the bodies of your disposable vapes and a little bit of glue and paint, you can craft as many things as you want, like metal figurines, pencil holders, cases, and a lot more.
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