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Locked at Home? Improve your Mental Well Being

16 Nov 2020 0 Comments
Locked at Home? Improve your Mental Well Being


Taking care of your mind and body is really important if you are staying at home during lockdown.

The lockdown is having an effect on everyone and impacting every day lives, it’s difficult but by following your local guidelines you are helping to keep your friends, family and community safe.

During these times you may find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, bored, and lonely, remember that it’s ok to feel this way and that we all deal with things differently.

If you are concerned for your well-being or a loved one, then we advise that you seek professional help.

Below we have taken the time to write about how us and our colleagues have dealt with staying at home, we these tips help you as much as it helps us.

Strengthen your mind and body

In moments of stress and anxiety martial arts or exercises can be extremely good to help relieve tension, give an enormous sense of well-being and achievement.

Yoga is especially good for resolving the mind and provides a lot of benefits to help you gain peace of mind.

Read Books

Getting lost in a great book can be a good escape for the mind, it can be a good opportunity to learn something new, or to explore a new unexplored fantasy world.

Stay Connected

Keeping in touch on a regular basis with friends, families, colleagues and loved ones is very important for mental well being, even if you can’t physically be with someone there are ways for you to reach them.

Start a New Hobby


The hard part of starting a new hobby is finding a new hobby, here are a few that we are doing whilst isolating.

Gardening: If you have a Garden, why not try and grow some vegetables or grow some new flowers

Knitting: Make yourself or your family new scarves, jumpers and wooly hats.

Photography: Start a new passion for taking photographs.

Online Chess: Become a grandmaster by playing one of the most popular and ancient games, there are a lot of online websites or apps where you can learn and start playing.


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