Super Juice Out Now!

30 Sep 2021
Super Juice Out Now!

Available Now:

From a universe not so far away, in fact, you’re living in it…! Right in the heart of the England, were the makers of I Vape Great spending their days and nights inside their magnificent factory working together to create a brand new super e-liquid range. Finally, Super Juice came to light! With 15 brand new super delicious flavours out of this world, there’s a flavour for everyone!

Introducing brand new mouth-watering flavours including sweet tasting e-liquids such as our Whammy Bar flavour and Gummy Wonder perfect for those who want to satisfy that sweet-tooth, to a combination of menthol flavours including Cherry Storm and Crystal Kick to suit your personal preference and a selection of popular drinks inspired e-liquids including Mapple Mix Up and Blue Dazzleberry! Super Juice is available in 80ml e-liquids in 100ml short-fill bottles. See below to check out the full Super Juice range.

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