6 New Beyond Salts!

06 Oct 2021
6 New Beyond Salts!

Available Now:

Here at Beyond E-liquids, in March of 2021 we worked towards creating flavours that will give you a brand new vaping experience! Our flavours are designed and formulated for the future of flavoured e-liquids. We as a team come together and combine ingredients in a way to create profiles for each individual flavour bringing the taste to life. Now we are introducing our brand new Beyond Salts range!

Bringing you the same great taste you know and love, our salts range are available in six delicious flavours including, Sour Melon Surge, Kiwi Passion Kick, Cherry Apple Crush, Berry Melonade Blitz, Mango Berry Magic and Dragonberry Blend. Your favourite flavours are now available in 10mg and 20mg Salts. Beyond E-Liquids, Beyond Expectations! Available in stores and online NOW! You can find our full Beyond range below.

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