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Why The IVG Smart 5500 Is The Disposable Vape You Need?

27 Jun 2024
IVG Smart 5500 Disposable Vape

Are you tired of limited puff ranges or odd shaped devices that don't fit into your pockets? Don't worry—we heard you and have introduced the new game changer: the IVG Smart 5500 Disposable Vape. So, whether your concern is reading the specifications, puff ranges, battery capacity, or the range of e-flavours, this guide will cover it all. So, let's dive in and see whether it's the disposable you need or if you should wait more for the better option out there. 

IVG Smart 5500: The Rechargeable & Refillable Disposable Pod Kit

The new IVG Smart 5500 is the perfect disposable pod for the experienced vaper. Designed in a portable and elegant box shape, the featured pod kit has a firm and colourfully finished grip. It is further built with an auto-draw firing mechanism and has a mesh coil for smoother and stronger nicotine hits. 

Additionally, it offers a 2ml built-in tank with your chosen favour. But once it runs out, you can refill the separate 10ml tank with just one click. 

Though the disposable pod comes pre-charged, you can easily recharge it with a Type-C cable and vape until the battery expires. Lastly, offering a 5500-puff range and containing 20 ml/mg (2%) of nicotine strength, it's TPD-compliant with all the current UK regulations. 

Features & Specifications 

  • 1000mah Battery 
  • Up To 5500 Puffs 
  • 2ml/20mg (2%) nicotine strength
  • 2ml + 10ml TPD-Compliant E-liquid Capacity
  • Box-Shape With 79.4mm x 44mm x 19.1mm dimensions
  • 10ml Separate Tank
  • Rechargeable Type C Port
  • Auto-Refill  
  • 30 Flavours 

How Does It Work? 

The IVG Smart 5500 Disposable Vape Pod is super convenient. Thus, there's no need to fight with buttons – the auto-draw mechanism activates with each puff. The mesh coil heats your e-liquid and delivers smooth and consistent flavour without any hurdle. If you're running on a low battery, the Type C charging port built at the lower end makes recharging easy. Plus, the auto-refills take just a click.

Basically, the IVG Smart 5500 offers the ease of a disposable with the extended life and customizability of a refillable vape.

Top 5 Flavour Guide For IVG Smart 5500

While the IVG Smart 5500 Disposable Vape has an appealing tech side, it also has 30 delicious variations notes you can try. To help you select the best, we've listed the top 5 of the month already; 

  1. Fizzy Cherry: This flavour note contains the essence of ripe and juicy cherries, filled with a sweet and slightly tart taste. The minute you vape the flavour, you can taste the explosion of cherries, with a fizzy sensation reminiscent of cola or pop nostalgia.
  1. Pineapple Passionfruit: This flavour is another perfect way to soothe your sweet and sour cravings. The perfectly ripe pineapple, bursting with juice and sweetness, is combined with the floral and slightly tart passionfruit, exhilarating a divine tropical explosion in your mouth! 
  1. Blue Raspberry Ice: This one contains the sweetness of candies combined with a blast of icy coolness for a perfectly delicious chilly vape experience.
  1. Classic Menthol: If you're a fan of the good old menthol freshness, this vape flavour can satisfy your minty cravings with the additional soothing taste of fresh mint leaves.  
  1. Strawberry Raspberry Cherry: This flavour combines sweetened strawberries, the tartness of raspberries, and the juicy goodness of cherries. It's a classic berry mix that can make anyone fall in love with its delicious aroma. 

IVG Smart 5500 Vs IVG 2400

While IVG's exceptional innovations in the vape industry are remarkable and unforgettable, here's a brief comparison between both Smart 5500 and the lastly released 2400 vape puff disposables to help you decide more carefully; 

  • Battery Life: While the IVG 2400 boasts a larger 1500mAh battery, it is designed for a lower puff count (2400). Conversely, the IVG Smart 5500 has a 1000mAh battery but offers a higher potential puff count (5500).
  • E-liquid Capacity & Refilling: The IVG Smart 5500 Disposable Vape is the clear winner here. It features a 2ml pod with an additional 10ml tank (totalling 12ml) and a Type-C charging port for convenient refilling. The IVG 2400 comes with four 2ml non-refillable cartridges and is non-rechargeable.

How Much Is The IVG 5500

The all-new IVG Smart 5500 Disposable Vape is available at £ 11.95 on IVG's official website. Order yours now, as they're selling fast already! 

The Final Say 

While it's clear that IVG keeps coming up with different and better innovations to evolve the vaping industry, choosing the perfect disposable vape among plenty of the best options already out there can be difficult. 

But here's what we think: though the previously released IVG disposables, including the 2400, have gained remarkable recognition for their easy draws, multi-flavour features and higher battery lives, the new Smart 5500 Disposable Vape Pod is more suitable and perfect for advanced vapers who prefer chargeable disposables with more e-liquid and flavour range.
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