IVG Bars

Sleek, Smooth, & Most Desirable Disposable Vape Bars

Looking for an easier and safer alternative to cigarettes? You have just stepped into the right disposable vape bar shop. I Vape Great is a leading disposable vape online store in UK, serving in 100+ countries all around the globe. IVG disposable e-cig can taper off your nicotine intake by using safer and user-friendly alternatives that can save you all the time and effort. Our IVG Bars are the best disposable vape bars that curb your cravings and pave the road to a smoke-free life. They are highly functional, and their sleek designs make them easier to slide into your pocket and take them to every social gathering with you, whether it’s a bonfire, a wedding, or a gig. IVG being one of the best disposable vape bar brands encourages its users to adopt mindful smoking. Our Vape bars have the same amount of Nicotine as cigarettes to curb your nicotine cravings, but are 95% safer than cigarettes.

What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vape bars are pre-filled with e-juice and charged, so you just need to start puffing. They come in a variety of flavours and shapes. IVG offers 4 different types of disposable bars to its United Kingdom fam. These are:

IVG Bars Have a Positive Social and Environmental Impact

As a brand, IVG is not only mindful of the effect that our products can have on the environment, but we also go an extra mile to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly. Hence, our IVG bars place low-risk to both the environment and human health. One of the added benefits of using IVG bars is they don’t litter, and you don’t go around spilling ash whenever you use them. Plus, they don’t stink, and the delicious aroma of our e-liquid that’s packed inside it doesn’t linger or cling to your clothes. But that’s not all. Our disposable vape UK can go a long way to help you fight your nicotine addiction by providing you with a steady supply of our unique and potent E-liquid flavours. From an unvarying burst of fruity flavours like watermelon, passion fruit, and grapefruit to exotic and mindboggling dual-flavour bars like blackcurrant menthol and raspberry lemonade to something mild and homely like vanilla custard tobacco, we have got all in our disposable vape online store for you. IVG is truly the one-stop shop for all puff bar flavours.

Awarded Best Disposable Vape UK

Our IVG bars - being a stepping stone on the road to quitting smoking - have entirely transformed the e-cigarettes industry. We are now one of the top suppliers of disposable e-cigs around the globe, and our flavours are highly acclaimed and desired by the public. Today, as we continue to provide our customers with the cream of the crop in vape bars, we have broadened our scope on our initial offering, the IVG bars, to bring you IVG Bar Plus +, which gives you the same phenomenal vaping experience with up to 600 puffs. They are going to be your perfect companion to satisfy your nicotine craving while also giving you something to keep your fingers at work. Concurrently, we offer special quantity discounts to our customers on our online vape bar shop, which means you can maximize your vaping experience by minimizing your outlay.

If You Haven’t Tried Out Our Bars, Don’t Worry, You’re in for A Treat

  • We offer user-friendly disposable puff bars, that you can just grab and go
  • Our exquisite range of flavours is large enough to cater to everyone’s individual taste
  • Our bars boast up to 600 + puffs with ultra-air-flow technology and anti-leak design
  • Indulge yourself in wonderful smoke clouds and flavour
  • The sleek design of the bars offers easy handling by using only two fingers, which simulates the act of smoking a cigarette
  • Each IVG bar is packed with natural aromas with no harsh chemicals