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An Introduction To Vaping

26 Mar 2021 0 Comments
An Introduction To Vaping

A Beginners Guide

What Is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid also known as e-juice is the liquid you put into your vape devices and it is available in an amazing array of flavors, that you have probably already smelled when passing a vapor in the street. E-liquids come in all kinds of flavors and different types of nicotine strengths but more on that later. The e-liquid (or juice), is put into your vaping device and then heated up, the heat from the coil in the vape device then converts it into vapor.


So first of all, lets discuss the e-liquid and what its actually made of E-liquid will come mixed with Propylene Glycol also known as PG and Vegetable Glycerin also known as VG. PG is an ingredient used in e-liquids because it is a thin, colorless and odorless liquid and is easy to handle and its also quick at absorbing heat which is great because it means you can begin to vape as soon as you switch on your vaping device.

VG is food-safe and can be used as a good sweetener and thickener as the substance is a thick texture. VG comes from plant oils and is the ingredient that can help produce the vapor from your vaping device. The higher percentage of VG you use will give you more cloud, but less flavor. VG is a thicker liquid than PG, but this means that you can produce bigger clouds, if thats what your goal is then this would be a good choice for you! It is also easier on the throat, so if youre wanting something less harsh to inhale then this would be it.

70:30 50ml Short-fill

This is a 70% PG & 30% VG Blend Of E-Liquid.

What Are Vape Devices?

Vaping has been the most popular alternative to cigarettes since 2010, seeing a boom in popularity and sales, making it one of the greatest alternatives for people who are wanting to kick the habit of smoking. Most users choose to change for health reasons, and with people finding it hard to shake the hand-to-mouth action that they’re used to when smoking cigarettes, this makes it a great alternative. Not only is switching to vaping better for your health, but also your wallet! An average packet of cigarettes in the U.K will cost you around £12.73, dependent on much you smoke, it can become a very expensive habit! But if you switch to vaping, after the initial payout for the vape device (starter kits) can be as low as £11.99,  your average bottle of e-liquid can be as low as £3.99, so you can see massive difference, think of that money you will save, just by switching!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to pack-in the packets, unlike tobacco and cigarettes, you are in control of how much nicotine you choose to to inhale, some e-liquids also offer a nicotine-free choice. You are also in control of flavors when it comes to vaping, so no wonder it is as popular as it is, as there are so many to choose from! Check out our guide to e-liquids in our next blog to find out more!

Pro Tip:

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We know entering the world of vaping may seem overwhelming at first, which is why we have put together these step-by-step guides for you to help you discover more about the vape community. Stay tuned for our next guide where we will be talking about which e-liquid is right for you in Which E-Liquid Is Right For Me?

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