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How To Maintain And Properly Care For Vaping Equipment

07 Sep 2022 0 Comments
How To Maintain And Properly Care For Vaping Equipment

Caring for vapes may not seem like a complicated task, but we assure you it is an essential one. On the surface, vaping may look like an effortless and straightforward process; you fire up your device, put in some juice, and start puffing. Seems easy, but vapes and pods require maintenance just like any other piece of electronic machinery. Just like an athlete needs warmup to perform in peak conditions and a car needs tuning to run smoothly, a vape needs the proper maintenance to function smoothly and to have a long life. Let’s look at some of the devices, their components, and how to maintain them properly.

Box Mods:

Maintenance of a Box Mod is pretty streamlined as almost all software-based features and options do not require maintenance. Still, one should not drop these devices repeatedly as their internal connections and parts can break away, leading to device malfunctions. Dropping the box mod may also damage the integrity of the device, which can lead to water and other debris leaking inside and can mess up the IP rating of these devices.

You need to clean the device carefully and extensively with dampening wipes or Q-tips for harder-to-reach areas in case of a leaky tank. Another thing to stay aware of in Box Mods is to make sure no foreign material gets on the 510 connection, which can hinder the connection between the atomizer and the software, leading to reduced performance. 

In a Squonking box mod, an additional step to be aware of is to clean the tank efficiently so as not to leave any residual juice in the tank when replacing the fluid, as it can alter the flavour and leave you with a sore throat and a bad vaping experience. Box Mods are all the rage nowadays, with many people embracing them as the new go-to vaping devices. We have some cool and stylish box mod systems like Geekvape Aegis X CerberusVoopoo Drag 3, and Voopoo Drag Max that you should check out.


Tanks are a vital part of any vape device that, when properly cleaned and maintained, can refine the vaping experience. The tank should be cleaned after regular intervals of two weeks. If any leftover flavour remains in the tank, it should be fully disassembled for minute cleaning. The exact process should be done for a burnt coil as this process eliminates all gunk and ensures no new flavour is contaminated. Tanks can be cleaned with warm water, or in the case of a burnt coil, deep cleaning should be done with vinegar, cheap vodka, or ethanol. These are brilliant cleaning agents that will adequately clean every unwanted piece of grime from the tank. Make sure to dry the tank properly before use. You can have a look at this detailed video guide to see how you can clean your tanks.


Coils are what can make or break the vaping experience. A new or a well-maintained coil can make the flavour pop up, giving your throat the kick it wants. On the other hand, a roughly used coil will mute even the brightest of flavours barring you from enjoying your vape. So, proper and timely maintenance and replacing of coils will be a game changer in the vaping world. The ideal time to replace coils is when the flavour seems to slip up or tastes muted. There is no solid after which a coil will burn; rather, it depends on usage frequency. 

The only way to be sure is to take a peek inside the coil head to look at the coil; If the coil seems to be noticeably darker, it is time to change coil. Another indicator is burnt flavour, which is a great sign of a coil needing change. You should also be aware that E-juice can leak out at high altitudes due to high pressure. We offer premium coils that are sure to give your vapes a boost. Check out our coils including our Smoke Rigel Coils, and Smoke Nord Coils that are class apart.


The powerhouse of the vapes deserves special attention and should be taken care of, as a battery malfunction can prove fatal or life-threatening and can be dangerous for anyone. Therefore, batteries should be adequately taken care of, and a great way to care for batteries is to store them in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and should never be kept in hot, enclosed spaces like cars. In addition, it would be best if you always were cautious that batteries should never be overcharged as that can lead to dangerous outcomes.

Anyhow, battery chargers do not require maintenance but should be taken care of. They should be placed on a solid surface away from vibrations and ideally placed on the floor to not damage it from drops and falls. A broken charger will transfer alternating currents to the device, reducing its life considerably.

Vape Juice:

The most crucial part of any vape or pod is the juice, as this gives life to the device, makes it consumable, and is the essential part of vaping that is needed for all types of vaping. Therefore, storing e-juice properly to ensure that the nicotine content remains intact and making all the flavours notes is the most crucial part of juice maintenance. They should also be stored away from direct sunlight and kept in a cool dark place to ensure optimum flavour. 

These are all the different ways through which you can adequately store, care for and maintain your vape devices and their components to ensure that you receive optimal performance from your devices. With these small steps, you can considerably extend your device’s life while also making the juices taste better. With these maintenance tips, life will seem better, and you will have a tremendously exuberant vaping experience every time. Check out our exclusive IVG e-liquids. They come in many exotic and fun flavors like the Vimade 70:30 Shortfill, and Fruit Twist Salts, that are sure to give you a tantalizing and refreshing taste.

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