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Celebrity Vapers - Who Are The Famous People That Switched To Vaping?

24 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Celebrity Vapers - Who Are The Famous People That Switched To Vaping?

Who Are They?

How many celebrities vapers are there? It’s hard to know the exact number, because some choose to keep their habit private and out of the public eye. However, here’s our list of celebrity vapers that are pretty much undeniable. Remember, even if you don’t see someone on this list, it doesn’t mean they don’t vape! There are lots of famous people out there that vape in secret, but we do have some big names that have been very public about their choice to vape! How many do you recognize?


Samuel L. Jackson is a Hollywood celebrity that has been outspoken about his love for vaping. According to various interviews, Samuel found vaping while on set and thought it was fun, so he started using it as an alternative to smoking. Now he often talks about vaping and recently made a joke in an interview where he joked that he didn’t have time to write any more screenplays since all he does now is just vape all day.


After smoking since he was a teenager, DiCaprio finally quit by switching to vaping. I haven’t had a cigarette in I don’t know how long, he told New York Magazine in March 2014. I didn’t do it for vanity’s sake, just health…and I’m still able to have a good time, and be around my friends who smoke. Now that’s what we call an inspiring celebrity vape story!


After two decades of smoking, Prince Harry made a public announcement about his recent decision to quit cigarettes for good. Prince Harry began vaping with gusto—he even admitted to puffing on e-cigs during royal ceremonies!


He was trying to give up cigarettes after being told by his doctor that he risked cancer if he kept smoking. He has also been seen holding an e-cigarette backstage at a play in New York. Although Tom hasn’t admitted to using them, many have posted photos of him using his vape pen.


In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Depp told them he was tired of smoking cigarettes, and that vaping was healthier for him. I’m trying to wean myself off things that are killing me, he said. It’s a slow process; I have these hand-rolled $30 cigarettes from Mexico, and I’ll probably die from them.


Now that he’s out of his nicotine patch, Cowell has switched to vaping as a healthier alternative. He doesn’t talk about it openly, but was spotted puffing on an electronic cigarette at a nightclub. Read on for more information about these stars and their thoughts on why they decided to make their lifestyle switch.


She was seen with a vape pen at Coachella. Jennifer Lopez has long been a fan of traditional cigarettes, but she made waves when she was spotted using an e-cigarette at Coachella music festival. As it turns out, Lopez isn’t alone: many celebrities—and even some world leaders—have switched to vaping from cigarettes or other tobacco products.


Another celebrity vaper is Miley Cyrus. In an interview with V Magazine, she said that vaping helped her quit smoking: It’s a healthier way to deal with getting your f**king nicotine in than just smoking cigarettes and dealing with that sh*t. And despite having tried so many other ways to quit smoking, Cyrus said that switching to e-cigarettes was the first thing that’s ever worked for me.


Fashion model and actress Cara Delevingne, better known as Cara D among her millions of fans, is an avid vaper. She first discovered vaping at age 20 when she was living in France.


One of many celebrities that are switching to vaping, Katy Perry shocked her fans when she posted a picture of herself on Twitter sucking down from what appeared to be an e-cigarette. At first, many thought it was a tobacco cigarette—until she followed up with another post saying OMG. Just realized I can blow smoke out of my mouth with a vape!


One famous celebrity that switched to vaping is Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is a 45-year-old Welsh actress known for roles in films like Chicago, Entrapment, and Zorro. In 2010, she gave up smoking cigarettes and picked up an e cig to help her quit.


Back in 2014, Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed to Howard Stern that she used to smoke but switched to e-cigarettes when she began having trouble sleeping. She claimed she was having a problem with insomnia and had been diagnosed with sleep apnea. She said she decided to switch away from smoking traditional cigarettes because it was too difficult for her to fall asleep at night due to coughing fits.


Nicholson has long been an outspoken supporter of harm reduction and once supported a measure that would allow for cleaner indoor air. As a result, it’s no surprise that he might be one of Hollywood’s vape fans. In 2013, it was reported that he was seen puffing on what looked like an e-cigarette after he left a Beverly Hills health club.


Malik left One Direction in March 2015, citing a desire to focus on his solo career. A few months later, he sparked interest among fans when he posted a video of himself puffing on what appeared to be an electronic cigarette. Malik quit smoking five years ago and was experimenting with vaping at that time.

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