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How IVG Bar Is TPD Complaint? - A Brief Guide

14 Feb 2023
How IVG Bar Is TPD Complaint? -  A Brief Guide

TPD or tobacco product directives set forth rules in order to regulate tobacco and synthetic tobacco products in the EU. The set of rules laid out by the TPD is the basic ground rules that e-cigarette manufacturers in any given country have to follow, but a country can create stricter laws and rules than those proposed by the TPD. All of the manufacturers are given a certain period of time before which they have to sell their existing stock and afterward only sell products that comply with the rules laid down by the TPD. This time period ranges from 1 year to 5 years, because big companies may have entire warehouses full of existing stock that they have the right to sell, regardless of the fact that it falls out of TPD compliance.

The laws proposed by TPD only apply to the manufacturers of e-cigarettes, not the consumers, because it’s illegal to sell before it’s illegal to purchase.

Following are some of the rules set forth by TPD that apply to the e-cigarette industry in the UK.

  • E-liquids containing nicotine are supposed to be sold in bottles, with child-proof lids, with a maximum capacity of 2ml.
  • Vapes that contain pre-filled e-liquids (disposable vapes, ciga-like vapes, etc.) should only contain 2ml of e-liquid.

These are all the rules laid out by TPD in order to regulate the e-cigarette industry. There is no strict regulation on flavours and aromas of e-liquid, however, a flavour could be banned if it contains any of the ingredients considered by TPD as harmful for consumption like diacetyl. 


IVG bars are one of the bestselling products at IVG UK. These disposable vape bars are designed to help people who are complete beginners to vaping, familiarize themselves with vaping. Their easy-to-use and intuitive design makes them extremely user-friendly and convenient.

IVG bars are pre-filled with IVG nicotine salts and contain no more than 20mg of nicotine. These bars contain 2ml of our signature nic salts and follow all the rules that are set forth by the TPD. The nicotine salts by IVG are made of four basic ingredients namely PG, VG, Nicotine, and flavourings, and don’t contain any of the ingredients that could be detrimental to health.

IVG bars are specially made for ex-smokers who are habitual of smoking, in order to help them transition to e-cigarettes and they are strictly not sold to minors or underage people.
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