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IVG Wins Ecigclick Award for The Best UK E-Liquid Brand for The 3rd Time

17 Jan 2023
IVG Wins Ecigclick Award for The Best UK E-Liquid Brand for The 3rd Time

The Ecigclick vape award event is the most enduring vape awards event that brings the choice of the vaper’s community to the forefront. It is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the vaping community and takes an integrated and inclusive approach to present the best of what the vaping world has to offer. In 2022, the Ecigclick awards announced the list of some of the shining stars of the e-cigarette industry and also hit the mark of 10 years of running the awards event.

It is our pleasure to announce that IVG has been the recipient of the Ecigclick vape award three times. And recently, it has won the award for the best UK e-liquid brand. Being a vape brand, that strives diligently to give our customers the best vaping experience, this recognition holds volume for our brand and team. It’s the choice of our customers that provides us guidance and acts as our criterion, to help us constantly refine our products and aim for excellence.

As the number of e-liquid manufacturing brands is rising, the quality of e-liquids is also facing a sharp decline. But in the midst of rapid changes in the e-cigarette industry, IVG has withstood and remained consistent in providing the best quality e-liquids throughout the years. Our brand stands on our core values of transparency, trust, and integrity and we make sure these values are reflected in each and every product and service offered by us.

We stand behind the quality and safety of our products and our firm commitment to quality control ensures that we bring the best products to the market. Each and every product is analyzed for inhalation safety and tested rigorously before it comes to your shelf. As a vape brand, we strictly reject incompetence and wagering on our customer’s health and safety. Our products are also completely free of animal by-products, and are 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly.

We value the trust and confidence that our customers put in our brand and that’s what keeps us going and motivates us to attain perfection in our e-liquids. Our greatest purpose, as a vape brand, is to help people switch to a better alternative to smoking. Hence, in order to make this transition easier and enjoyable, we provide our customers with the best range of e-liquids and disposable vapes. We are mindful of the difference in taste and flavour preference of every person, therefore we make sure to cater to every individual taste with a vast array of flavours.
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