IVG Calipro – A Welcome Addition to Our Disposable Vape Range

IVG brings you our newest range of disposable vapes that gives you the same level of satisfaction and throat hit as our other bars but with an additional perk. With IVG calipro, you can trace your e-liquid outflow and vape mindfully. These vapes are fitted with a transparent mouthpiece that lets you see through the device to keep track of your intake. IVG calipro vapes are sleek, stylish, and one of the best vape devices you can have to quickly get your nicotine fix.

Shop for IVG Calipro and Savour the Best-Tasting Vape Flavours

IVG calipro comes in 10 exciting flavours, containing IVG’s award-winning nicotine salt e-liquids. The range contains all our best-selling e-liquid flavours, that are packed inside sleek and portable disposable bars to elevate your vaping experience. So get on board and join the crew of IVG’s disposable range fans to experience vaping like never before. With perfect airflow and smooth draw, our disposable bars are the perfect gateway to vaping.

Nicotine Delivery Systems Just Got Better! Presenting You IVG’s Calipro

IVG calipro bars are here to revamp the idea of vaping for you! These ultra-modern and sleek disposable vapes are extremely easy to use and can be put to vape discreetly. You can fit them in your palms and carry them along wherever you want. The amount of vapor and the level of flavour remain consistent from the first hit to the last.