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Go Vegan With IVG E-Liquids

09 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Go Vegan With IVG E-Liquids

With the increase in the number of vape manufacturers and vape stores, there has also been a decrease in the quality of e-liquids. IVG has placed its own manufacturing standard operating procedure to make sure we manufacture our products with the highest quality and standards. We use completely organic products, with the minimum amount of sweeteners and flavours to preserve the authenticity of our e-liquid. Our e-liquids are completely free from animal by-products and 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly with a wide variety of bright and bold flavours for you to try

E-Liquid Flavours for You to Try:

-       IVG Blue Raspberry 

-       IVG Summer Blaze

-       IVG Ribbery Lemonade

-       IVG iced melonade

-       IVG strawberry sensation

IVG Blue Raspberry:

IVG blue raspberry nic salt combines notes of blueberry and raspberry to give you an authentic taste of berries. It includes everything that real blueberries and raspberries give to you, including the sweetness and the tartness. It serves as a good all-rounder which is neither too sweet nor too tart but provides a balanced fruity profile. The flavouring used is mostly natural and creates a heavenly blend of sweet and sour combination that is both subtle and well-crafted.

IVG Summer Blaze:

IVG summer blaze comprises of fresh notes of mixed berries and refreshing lemonade. With our natural sweeteners and flavouring, this blend is right on the cusp of being extremely balanced. The lemonade adds depth and nuance to the tangy and sweet flavour of summer berries. It also has a degree of tartness but the brighter and fuller notes of mixed berries, balance things out perfectly. This combination of strong and bright notes feels extremely natural upon vaping and doesn’t give an artificial aftertaste.

IVG Ribbery Lemonade:

IVG Ribbery lemonade is a unique blend of blackcurrant, wild berries, and lemonade notes, all combined together to produce a substantial vaping experience. The dark blackcurrant taste is well blended with bright wild berries notes, whereas the lemonade flavour pushes the entire mix into a fuller more saturated flavour. It contains all flavours and sweeteners and no matter how complex this blend may sound; it is extremely gentle on the coil.

IVG Iced Melonade:

IVG Iced melonade is a three-dimensional flavour blend, that combines notes of watermelon, Galia melon, and freshly squeezed lemonade. With natural sweeteners, it fills in nicely and develops into an excellent and well-balanced sweet and sour flavour that feels like a burst of tropical fruits. You feel the lingering sweetness and tartness all the way from inhale to exhale with enough sweetness to make it ripe. The stronger notes linger on the tongue with sweetness, whereas the brighter top notes are subdued but still there. The lemonade manifests its presence in the tart after the sweetness fades.

IVG Strawberry Sensation:

IVG strawberry sensation feels like fresh strawberries, all sweetened, dried, reconstituted, and turned into an e-liquid. It tastes like a spoonful of natural strawberry pulp with little to no artificial flavours added in its making. It is slightly sweet with an added sourness right up front that settles on the tongue nicely upon exhale. The e-liquid contains all the good, balanced, natural, and pulpy notes of strawberries and offers enough sweetness to give you a sweet kick.  

With our suggestions in place, we encourage you to avoid contributing to things that further instigate the exploitation of animals and to make a change to see a better world. A plant-based diet and lifestyle is the future of our planet and we help you to take one step forward towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle with our vaping products.

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