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Vape Industry Predictions for 2023 - A Brief Guide

03 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Vape Industry Predictions for 2023 - A Brief Guide

As 2022 comes to an end, it’s time for us to ponder upon the major happenings in the e-cigarette industry and the predictions and hopes for the vaping world. The ban on the sale of famous Juul e-cigarettes by the food and drug administration in the US sent a major shockwave through the e-cigarette industry. But despite all the setbacks, the global e-cigarette and vape market size was valued at USD 22.45 billion in 2022. In the end, the fact that vaping is a far better and healthier substitute for smoking remains true. And it is backed by the claim and thorough research by Public Health UK, which affirms that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Here are a few of the predictions for the vape industry that we might witness in 2023

Advancements in Vape Hardware:

Since the inception of e-cigarettes, the vape industry has undergone many changes and made massive improvements in vape hardware. We now have fully portable devices with powerful batteries and better-quality vape gear. Still, there is room for a lot of improvements that can potentially be made in vape hardware and vape gear. Some of them include:

-       More precision and risk minimization with better temperature control.

-       Improvement in the e-liquid vaporization process that limits harmful byproducts at a broader range of temperatures.

-       Better Mod-based monitoring systems that notify you if you have likely exceeded exposure guidelines based on the number of puffs, temperature, and volume of liquid used.

-       Vape devices that come with a built-in system that helps you track the amount of nicotine you consume and coach you to reduce it.

-       Alternative to cotton and organic wicking material.

-       Smaller, safer, and more powerful battery technology.

-       More efficient ways to control the battery power.

More Online Vape Shops and Stores:

The global pandemic caused many brick-and-mortar vape stores to take their businesses online and the practice of online retailing has been prevalent since then. In 2023, vape stores and shops are expected to grow at an even greater rate because it is convenient for both vendors and customers. Online vape shops put forth the entire store’s worth of shopping options in front of you and it is extremely easy to browse through the site. Online stores also save you from the leg work of visiting the physical stores and offer so many discounts and bundle deals and offers.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Ways to Vape:

Sustainability, in the broad sense of the word, usually has very little to do with the product, and far more to do with business practices and procedures, and individual consumer behavior and lifestyle. But it goes without saying that disposable vapes do pose a risk of environmental waste and damage. It is expected that the vape industry will take measures to reduce the ways in which disposable cause damage to the environment and make them last longer or turn them more sustainable.

 Vape devices that are made of sustainably harvested or even reclaimed wood are already coming out on the market. But the addition of non-toxic materials like stainless steel and food-grade silicone is also expected. More battery drop points and electronic bins for empty disposable vapes are expected to be placed everywhere.

Improvements in E-Liquids:

Like vape hardware, we have seen a lot of improvements in e=-liquids as well over the years. Before the creation of nic salts, we only have e-liquids with freebase nicotine, which made vaping a harsher and coarser experience. But nic salt made a drastic change and made vaping more mellow and smooth. Still, there are a few improvements that could be made in the e-liquids domain:

-       E-liquids that contain more organic flavours and sweeteners

-       Sweeteners that are less harsh on the coil

-       More predictable and balanced flavour options

-       More e-liquid flavours that require no steeping

-       Flavour control tanks that allow you to switch without emptying and refilling

-       Bottled e-liquids that taste as potent and pronounced as disposable vape bar

More Awareness of the Benefits of Vaping:

Seeing the positive change around, it is expected that in the next few years, more smokers would be motivated to switch to vaping. Vaping advocates have been striving to raise awareness for the last few years, on the benefits of vaping and the changes it brings to your lifestyle. In the next few years, the advantages of vaping would become a lot clearer as the health benefits compared to smoking become more and more apparent. Vaping is beneficial for the collective health and the overall benefit of society. Cigarette smoking kills more than 8 million people each year and it's time for governments to realize they have no choice but to prop up the vape industry in order to make cost and public health savings.

Stricter Regulations On Vape Products:

Stricter regulations and controls are also expected on vape products in the upcoming years. The lobbies working against the e-cigarette industry managed to push the law that allowed the food and drug administration in the US to bring synthetic nicotine (TFN) under the tobacco tax umbrella in 2022, hence heavy taxation on vape products is expected. Ban on certain vape flavours could also be imposed in different countries and vape products could become more heavily controlled. But it’s not going to be just gloom and doom, as all these attempts to damage the e-cigarette industry would prompt people to learn more about it and get informed on the topic.
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