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IVG & Touchwood Pharmacy Team Up To Help People Quit Smoking

22 Feb 2022 0 Comments
IVG & Touchwood Pharmacy Team Up To Help People Quit Smoking

New Pharmacy Partnership announcement:

The UK’s best voted lifestyle brand 2021, ‘IVG are delighted to announce a partnership with one of the leading UK Pharmacy chains, Touchwood Pharmacy.

Touchwood’s mission is to bring the latest in vaping technologies and devices to their customers to assist in the transition away from combustible cigarettes, as effectively and responsibly as possible.

Since the middle of January, IVG has launched into a total of 22 sites located across the West Midlands, Northampton, and London. The initial launched consisted of 12 flavours from IVGs award winning range.

The IVG Bars will be displayed on the main counters in the Pharmacies and will have prime location for consumers to help promote vaping as an alternative to smoking, whilst also promoting IVG’s NO2Minors campaign to ensure that only smokers or Vapers of legal smoking age are being targeted.

The branding of the product has taken a more clinical shape, with greater focus on the education of vaping vs traditional smoking. Public health England have said that “based on current knowledge, stating that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking remains a good way to communicate the large difference in relative risk unambiguously so that more smokers are encouraged to make the switch from smoking to vaping.”

This partnership will promote this message, offering consumers of legal smoking age a wider choice of reduced risk products.

IVG are actively looking for more partnerships within the Pharma space, where business share the same vision and commitment for corporate and social responsibility ‘’It was a pleasure partnering with the team at Touchwood, they are ambitious and have a big focus on vaping and the education. Touchwood’s goals and efficacy are aligned with ours, so we are absolutely delighted to establish this partnership”  Mr Chima, National Account Manager .

A spokesperson for Touchwood said ‘’ The partnership has started off really well. IVG is fully MHRA approved and TPD complaint. We have partnered with a trusted brand and are excited for the future”. Farook Ahmed.

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