15 Jul 2022

Apps, YouTube & Exercise

The Coronavirus has impacted all this year, and lockdowns continue to disrupt our way of life and it’s important to  our mental health and wellbeing to remain active & fit. Here are some great things that people across the world are doing or following.

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach TV: has become a YouTube superstar during this pandemic, his YouTube channel caters to everyone, young or old and gives provides people with easy to follow exercise regimes to help you keep fit.


Also known as the lying down game, planking helps improve your core, it’s very easy to do and extremely effective, here’s a great YouTube guide on how you can get the most out of planking. Click Here


An ancient Hindu form of exercise that is centered around building up strength, flexibility & breathing, it also provides a boost to your mental well being, we’ve found this really good YouTube beginners guide to get you started Click Here.

Fitness Apps:

Fitness apps come in all different shapes and sizes and can help you reach your fitness goals and keep a track of your exercise, our personal favorite is the 7 minute work out, it’s available on IOS, Android & their website which you can find here


Try new things & cut old things out to improve your diet which can go a long way to improving your mental and physical health, we are always on BBC Good Foot looking for new recipes

There are also many other diets you can try, we stumbled upon this link which is brilliant to help you keep a well balanced diet.

And if you’re bulking Fit Bod has a great guide.

Fitness For Nerds:

If you’re like me, a certified nerd and are looking for ways to stay fit, you can train like Batman, by visiting Nerd Fitness

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